Dubai (UAE) Visa On Arrival For Indians

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An Indian passport holder can avail Visa On Arrival in UAE if they have a USA visa stamped on their passports. And that is how a visa of the USA can help Indians get quicker into the UAE. Read till the end to avoid two things makes you ineligible to get a UAE visa on arrival even after having a valid US visa or a US Green Card.


When was it launched?

The process was launched in May 2017.


How long can I stay?

The visa is valid for a period of 14 days. Travelers willing to extend their stay for another 14 days have to pay an additional of AED 250, but that is the maximum stay one can avail.


What's Better? Visa-On-Arrival OR eVisa Prior To Departure?

For travelers who are a bit apprehensive about this process, here's an incentive that can make you choose Visa On Arrival (VOA) over an e-visa. While an e-visa costs you around AED 360 ( INR 6000 ), VOA costs you just AED 120 (INR2000). And most importantly, a traveler doesn't need to undergo the paperwork and keep waiting for the visa. Travelers have experienced a delayed visa process of more than 10 days for e-visa during peak tourism season and during holidays around festivals.


What Should I Do At The Airport On Arrival?

  1. On being asked for the UAE visa during check-in, tell the airline staff about your intention to apply for a Visa On Arrival. They will check your US Visa and let you through.
  2. On arrival at the UAE airport, a traveler has to follow the clear directions laid down for passengers wanting to apply for a Visa On Arrival.
  3. Make your way to the Marhaba desk which manages VOA.
  4. Present your passport which has US visa stamped on it.
  5. Pay AED 120 in Cash or Card as visa charges and processing fees.
  6. On receiving the UAE Visa and money receipt, make your way to the immigration counter.
  7. Answer a few questions like the length of stay, reason for stay, etc put up by the officer. That's it! You are through!


Can I be denied entry even if I have a valid US Visa?


Beware of these rules:

  1. Your US Visa or Green Card should be valid for at least 6 months from your date of exit from UAE.
  2. You cannot get a UAE visa on arrival if you have a US Transit Visa (Category C including C-1/D)

In the above scenarios, you should apply for a UAE visa prior to departure. Visit this link to apply for a your UAE visa.

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