Schengen Visa Rejection Letter Explained

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Our earlier post on 'You Have Not Provided Proof of Sufficient Means of Subsistence - What It Means?' talks about how Sushant had to cancel his Europe Trip due to Schengen Visa rejection. What happened with Sushant, could, unfortunately, happen with any traveler planning a trip to the Schengen territory. Thus, it becomes relevant to understand and address the reasons for Schengen visa rejection. 

Schengen visa application is said to be one of the stringent visa processes. This fact, in turn, makes it a visa with higher rejection chances.  Travelers should recognize these facts, understand the reasons for rejection and then proceed for visa application, thereby avoiding losses due to visa rejection. (Travelers can read our blog on 'What comes first? Visa Confirmation OR Flight Booking' to know the importance of prioritizing visa and minimizing cancellation losses in case of rejection.) 

Schengen Visa is a short-stay visa allowing entry into 26 countries under the Schengen Zone with stay up to 90 days for tourism or business purposes. The consulate generally requires a period of 15 working days to process the documentation and travelers visa request. In case of unsuccessful document verification, the consulate replies with few of the below rejection reasons:


1. A false/counterfeit/forged travel document was presented.

This reason is cited when a traveler submits a false travel document. Forging passports, data pages of passports or immigration stamp on passports is considered to be a serious offense. Such a tick on the rejection letter can prove detrimental for further applications as well.

Reapplication Guidance: Don’t reapply. You will likely be banned from reapplying for an undisclosed amount of time.



2. Justification of the purpose and conditions of the intended stay was not provided.

This reason is mostly cited for rejections if the flight or hotel bookings provided by you have some inconsistency.


Reapplication Guidance: Call up your hotels directly and confirm that your booking exists with there, by providing your name and arrival. Correct the bookings if necessary and reapply.


3. The information submitted regarding the justification for the purpose and conditions of the intended stay was not reliable.

This is a grey area. A reason used by visa officers who find no discrepancy in your visa application, but still are not fully convinced about the legitimacy of your travel plan and your intention to return back to your home country.

Reapplication Guidance: Try your luck. There is no prescription that can set things right here.


4. Your intention to leave the territory of the Member States before the expiry of the visa could not be ascertained

The visa officer cites this reason when he is not convinced about your financial stability in your home country and hence he feels that you are likely to never return back.

Reapplication Guidance: Wait for a few months and reapply when there are considerable changes to your circumstances.


5. You have not provided proof of sufficient means of subsistence, for the duration of the intended stay or for the return to the country of origin or residence, or for the transit to a third country into which you are certain to be admitted, or you are not in a position to acquire such means lawfully.

Schengen visa requires the maintenance of strong and sufficient bank balance. Consulate can reject visa for travelers failing to show the same.

Reapplication Guidance: To know more, read the blog on 'You Have Not Provided Proof of Sufficient Means of Subsistence - What It Means?'


6. Proof of holding an adequate and valid travel medical insurance was not provided.

Your travel insurance was inadequate. Remember that your travel insurance should have the following conditions: i) Provide a medical cover of at least Euros 30000 ii) Should be valid for the entire Schengen territory iii) Should cover your entire travel duration (some countries require additional days insurance. Read the requirements carefully).

Reapplication Guidance: Buy the correct insurance and reapply.


7. You have already stayed for three months during the current six-month period on the territory of the Member States on the basis of a uniform visa or a visa with limited territorial validity

You can only stay in the Schengen Area for 3 months maximum in every six-month period. Travelers who have exhausted their limit for the stay in Schengen regions have this reason cited in their rejection letter.

Reapplication Guidance: Analyze your past travels to the Schengen Area and check your first entry date. Reapply for a visa providing an entry that is at least 6 months after your first entry date.


8. An alert has been issued in the Schengen Information System (SIS) for the purpose of refusing entry by ........

Schengen Information System is a shared database of all Schengen visa applications that is available to all Schengen countries. Travelers who are refused entry on security grounds are rejected with the above reason. You do not want to be on this list.

Reapplication Guidance: You cannot do much. If you feel this is a genuine error, try contacting the Embassy.


The gravity of reasons for Schengen Visa rejection makes it imperative for travelers to follow a defined process of visa application. 'To know more about the ideal process for Schengen visa and ways to tackle possible rejection, take a look at our blog on 'Schengen Visa - A Complete Guide'.


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