What comes first? Visa Confirmation OR Flight Booking

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Onset of an international travel plan clouds a traveler's mind with options for airline and hotel bookings. Securing the best price for flights and hotel seems like the first milestone for a successful international travel. In this hurry to secure the best bid, travelers seldom prioritize visa confirmation over a confirmed travel itinerary. 


Delving into an international traveler's state of mind, reveals fear of price increase and a highly optimistic attitude towards visa confirmation. Visa rejection and delay in visa processing are never considered as probable outcomes, thus drifting away a traveler's attention, towards hotel and flight bookings. 


Visa is considered as 'Yet Another Document', escaping the fact that it’s the only ' Entry Document'. Confirming a travel itinerary before a visa seems like building a bridge to a closed door. One question which travelers should ponder upon is,“What if my visa gets rejected or is delayed?”. Delayed visa application and unpredictable operations of the consulate often results in delay in visa confirmation. A visa rejection or delay implies losses due to hefty rescheduling charges, cancellation fees and at times full flight costs (as most of the cheapest flights are non-refundable). And most importantly, it costs a suppressed state of mind. Thus, confirming a visa prior to that of your travel itinerary may cause price appreciation, but it assures your entry into the country and lets you plan your travel at peace. 


“One cannot confirm a Visa without a confirmed flight ticket“ is a rigid myth which is carried across.‘Flight Itinerary’ is a document that refutes this myth. The rationale behind a flight itinerary or most commonly known as a “Blocked Ticket” ( being a temporary ticket blocked by the airlines for a specific period ranging from 2 hours to 24 hours) is, preventing travelers from losing out on money due to Visa rejection. For instance, the consulate requires the traveler planning a travel to the Schengen Area, to have a document which draws a detailed plan of flight and travel journey. What comprises a flight itinerary is flight timetable with flight details, traveler's name, valid flight reservation number or booking ID, arrival and departure date and airport IATA codes.With almost all countries accepting travel itineraries as a valid prerequisite for visa application, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Brazil, Spain and Hungary serve as an exception.


Acknowledging the visa requirement of the destination country should mark as the inception for an ideal international travel plan. Flight - Hotels - Visa needs to be re-arranged to Visa - Flight - Hotels. Barring a few countries, travelers can apply for Visa with a flight itinerary, to prevent monetary losses and dip in the travel thrill on account of visa rejection or delay."Cause it’s better to get the door opened, before building the bridge across" says StampMyVisa. 

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