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    All purposes

Tourist Visa - 10 Years



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Visitor Visa - 10 Years



Multiple EntriesExcludes Service Charge

Document List

Passport Requirements

  • You need a valid passport that is valid until 6 months after departure from the US.
  • The passport should have at least two blank pages.
  • If you have any old passports, please enclose them with the application.
  • Handwritten passports, passports with observations mentioned, and passports valid for more than 10 years are not accepted.

Nonimmigrant Visa Application

  • The confirmation page of Form DS-160 needs to be attached.


  • You need 1 recent, colored photograph (fresh, i.e. NOT used earlier for any visa) with a size of 50mm by 50mm and a white background.

Covering Letter

  • You need a covering letter from the applicant on company letterhead stating the applicant's name, designation, purpose, and duration of visit.

Bank Statement

  • You need an original bank statement for the last 6 months.

Income Tax Papers

  • You need income tax papers for the last 3 years.

Documents Based on Occupation

For Self-Employed/Business Owners

  • Company profile: A brief company profile is required.
  • Proof of ownership: Proof of ownership (proof of proprietorship, partnership deed, articles of association) is required.
  • Company bank statement: Original bank statement of the company for the last 6 months is required.
  • Company income tax papers: Income tax papers of the company are required.
  • Company balance sheet: The balance sheet of the company is required.

For Salaried Employees

  • Appointment letter: A copy of the appointment letter is required.
  • Salary certificate: A salary certificate (last 3 months) is required.
  • Leave certificate: A leave certificate from the employer is required.

For Students

  • Leave sanction: Leave sanction is required.
  • ID card copy: An ID card copy is required.
  • Proof of investments, if any Documents related to fixed deposits/investments/property papers are required.
  • Vehicle registrations: Vehicle registrations are required.

For Retirees

  • Retirement proof: Retirement proof is required.
  • Pension slip: A pension slip for the last three months is required.

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